Saturday, August 7, 2010

Studio Redo -- Storage Bins

We have been busy with rearranging and practically redoing our studio this past week.  When we moved into our new home almost two years ago the studio seemed just perfect for us.  You can see a posting of it here.

We are getting more visitors now and need the extra space so we can fit more than two people without bumping into things.  Before we unveil our new room, I thought I would share with you some of the new storage and work area ideas we came up with.

I found these cool bins the other day at Home Depot.  They are so versatile as they can be stacked or  hung on some of the wall brackets provided.  There are eight in a package and I liked them so much and found more uses for them we went back and bought another set.


We hung some of them on the brackets under some shelves along the beading and finishing table.  They are perfect for organizing pieces that need sanding, buffing, glazing, etc.  These replaced the yogurt containers we use to use that would sometimes pile up everywhere.

The other set of eight are in use at my clay table.  They fit perfectly on some adjustable stacking shelves and I have some of the necessary items close at hand like my stamps, inks and textures, etc.

Tomorrow I will show you some more new ideas we came up with ...

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