Friday, July 2, 2010

Something different -- Sunflower wall plaques

I was commissioned to create a series of three sunflower tile wall plaques.   I had a lot of fun creating these 3-dimensional style pictures and quite pleased with how they turned out.

Each tile is 5x5" square.  I found my inspiration for two of the designs from some sunflower paintings I came across on the internet which you will find here and here.

The most difficult part in creating these pieces was how to finish them off so they could hang properly.  I finally settled on using picture wire embedded into the clay and then finished off with some cane slices.


Felix y Raquel said...

disculpa que no hablo bien tu idioma, pero creo que haces verdaderas maravillas (I think that you are a very special artist) !!!bravo artista!!! me han encantado tus cuadros de girasoles
un beso enorme

Norma's Clay said...

Beautiful! And a great idea to make wall plaques.