Thursday, August 6, 2009

We're on Facebook

The weather here has cooled a bit.  We still didn't get any rain which is desperately needed to help put out the huge forest fires that are burning.  We are getting air conditioning installed today so should also help with the heat and I can go back to claying some more again.

We now have a page on facebook where we have updates on new items, advanced notice of future sales or offers and other fun type stuff.  Just click on the link in the sidebar to sign on as a fan.

We have a lot of new and different items we are working on and it is really exciting.  Whenever I create a new piece I generally make one or several "prototypes" and wear it for awhile to test out.  I don't feel good about selling anything unless everything is just so.  I usually end up with a lot of pieces I get to keep for myself this way which I don't mind!  A girl has to have something to wear! 

I had a cute dark blue peasant blouse that I made some new buttons for in a fun flower design.  I wanted a pendant to match and for something different, I strung it on a cord I created from organza ribbon that slips over the head with a bead at the back that cinches up to adjust the length.  I discovered I really like this style as it is so simple and easy to wear.  It is more comfortable as well, especially in the scorching heat.  I can't wait to make (and wear) more of these!

I've also been experimenting with some carving and back-filling like in the gecko brooch which I first covered with a skinner blend.  I wanted some gecko earrings to match my Cinco de Mayo Necklace.  These are done in a matching variegated green, backfilled with some chili pepper red and finished off with sponge coral beads.

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