Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Here are some accessories I made for myself to go with the buttons in the tutorial I showed you in my last post.  This  turned out to be more of a mono color scheme but this way I have more color choices to wear with it.

Have you ever made something that didn't turn out the way you intended but then you end up using it in a completely different way after and turns out better than you thought it would in the end?  Sounds funny but some of my best things I've made have turned out that way.  I never like to waste and of course any clay I mix up or use that doesn't turn out always gets reused in some way as long as it hasn't been fired.  If it looks really nice I will save it somehow until I have an idea for it rather than ending up in my scrap clay pile.   For instance, I wasn't happy with how this cane turned out that I used to create these pieces but didn't know what to do with it.  When I was looking for colors to match my shirt, it just so happened the colors blended beautifully!

Also, when I did the button tutorial I started out making flat buttons for my shirt.  Then I thought I could do rounded puffy buttons and so ripped all my clay buttons I made and redid them.  I saw all the cane slices laying on my table and decided to reuse them in some way so I laid them out on some scrap clay in a similar color and ended up with this pendant.  

So that was actually two mistakes I feel I did but still ended up with something wearable after all!

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